Need to live for a purpose and reason to live in Japan.

When I was young, I thought sushi is just for the rich and famous. Reading celebrity lifestyles, I wonder why they brag about their fave dishes. Once I went to Hollywood and I was told the only restaurant in the Kodak Theater caters only Japanese food specifically sushi.

It took me awhile to eat and like raw foods. Growing up I love eating veggies. I remember when I first set foot in Japan. Sushi was the celebratory welcome meal for me. I can’t stomach the uncooked food so I wasn’t really happy with the treat. The hot green tea all the more made me sick. Maybe I couldn’t last for a month in Japan, I thought.

Fast forward….I can’t live without sushi and green tea! Quick services suit me well with my busy lifestyle. Pricey dishes like sushi is actually healthy. Thank God I never had serious illness in my 26+ years here; no colds, no fever, no toothache, etc.

The sushi bar near my schoolhouse serve as my local link. Treated like a patron as a frequent diner, the chef chats a lot to me and the staff are just excited when they see me. One of them became our new student!

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