Japan-based Companies 


Best Teacher (Areyoubt): They pay you for replying to student messages, editing conversations and doing voice recordings. They also pay you for Skype lessons 340 YEN per 25 minute class, 50 YEN for recordings and 10 YEN for replying to messages and editing conversations. Click here for the Best Teacher review page.

Cena Academy looks like a good company although their website is hard to navigate. They want American teachers with a bachelor’s degree, TESL certificate and teaching experience. They pay $9 US for a 25 minute class and $18 US for a 50 minute class. They pay with Paypal. Click here for the Cena Academy review page.

ECommunication (ecominc.co.jp): For online teachers in Japan and around the world. They do not list their requirements for applicants so non-native speakers should apply. Teachers set their own schedule and students choose their teachers, teachers must be available for 20 hours per week. They also teach other languages like Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Arabic and Italian. They pay $16-20 USD per hour through Paypal. Click here for the Ecom review page.

EigoBiz (https://www.eigobiz.com/teachers-apply is down) focuses on teaching business English to Japanese students. They prefer native English speaking teachers with TESL certificates. Teachers set their own schedule but they must schedule 4 lessons per week during peak Japanese times (i.e. weekday evenings 6 PM -11PM or weekends 9 AM -11 PM). They pay through Paypal 1000 YEN for the first five 50 minute lessons, after that the average lesson rate is 1750 YEN, about $16 USD, per 50 minute lesson (they do let you set your own rate for some students). You can also email info@eigobiz.com. Click here for and the EigoBiz review page.

Eigooo is an interesting new company offering “chat type English learning” service. They use an app that allows students to basically text and chat with teachers. It is unknown how much they pay. Click here for the Eigooo! review page.

Eigopower (alternate site): For native speaking teachers or English teachers from Japan who have a high English level (they may ask for a TOEIC score of 800) to teach children. Teachers should have one year of teaching experience and a university degree. They pay 1200 yen – 1600 yen per hour. You can apply by sending your CV to arisenglish@alisins.com.  Click here for the comments and the Eigopower review page.

Eigox: They want part-time native speaking teachers from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. They teach both conversational and textbook English. They currently pay 600 yen or about $5.50 for every 25 minute class. However in February 2018 they are changing the entire system and teachers can set their own rates between 600 – 1200 YEN ($5.50 – $11.00 USD) per 25 minute lesson, based on their work performance. Payment is made with Paypal. Click here for the Eigox review page.

EnglishCentral: They have their own platform with videos and it looks like a lot of students use it. However it appears they are not hiring at the moment (June 2018). How much EnglishCentral pays is unknown. Click here for the EnglishCentral review page.

English Everywhere is a company that allows their students to pick their teachers. They still require you to apply though. Teachers must have an ESL certificate and some experience. They use Skype to teach and they pay with Paypal. They pay 800 YEN per 30-minute class for the first 10 classes, after 10 classes they will pay you 900 YEN per 30 minute class. Click here for the English Everywhere review page.

EnglishTutorOnline (application page):  They specialize in business English and teach adults. They have  headquarters in Montreal and in California, but they have a lot of partner schools in Japan. They want native teachers from the UK or North America with teaching experience, ESL certificate and a university degree (everything). Click here for the English Tutor Online review page.

GaijinPot Jobs: Jobs in Japan. Find work in Japan for English speakers. English teaching jobs in Japan, IT jobs in Japan, finance jobs in Japan and more! Click here for job opportunities. 

GetStudents.net: If you are teaching English (or any language) in Japan and looking for your own students, you’ve come to the right place.  GetStudents.net introduces hundreds of language teachers to students each week and has thousands of teacher members throughout Japan.  Click here to sign up.

Kimi Information Center: Since 1987, Kimi has been assisting expats in finding that perfect home at a fair price and providing job placement services for teachers all over Japan. We have some of the highest achievements and are one of the most trusted job/apartment services used by foreigners both in Japan and overseas.  When it comes to job-searching in Japan, be it for a part-time position or full-time position, you can turn to us to help you to find the jobs that you are looking for. View job listings for English-teaching positions, and get valuable advice about everything from apartment-hunting to translation services.  For accurate, up-to-date information and courteous assistance with everything you need to get your life on track, please enroll as a free member!  Click here for job vacancies.

Lyngo: They are looking for native level English speakers and Japanese speakers to teach English. No certificate or experience is required (they would be beneficial though). All teaching material is provided and their teaching times are from 5:00am to 1:30am Japanese Standard Time. They are really looking for teachers available from 8:00 PM to midnight and weekends. You can work from 6 to 40 hours per week. Lyngo pays 1,100 Yen to 1,300 Yen ($10 – $12 USD) per hour, depending on the type of class and incentives. They pay through Paypal. Click here for the Lyngo review page.

Mainichi Eikaiwa offers business and conversational classes to Japanese students. They want native English speakers, including South Africans! Applicants should have a university degree and 6 months of teaching experience. An ESL teaching certificate is not required but would be an asset. Teachers have to be available to work 5 days a week and at least 3 hours consecutively between 18:00 and 24:00 Japanese time. They pay $13.50 USD per 50 minute class. Click here for the Mainichi Eikaiwa review page.

NativeCamp: English teachers from the Philippines to teach Japanese adults. A university degree is not necessary and teaching experience is not required but they do want teachers with a neutral accent. Teaching hours are from 9 AM – 9 PM. Apparently the pay is not great, according to the comments here $1.5 – $2.5 USD per hour and they pay twice per month with BPI or PNB. There are some bonuses if you stay with the company. Click here for the NativeCamp review page.

One Coin English:  They are a dedicated team with a strong community. They are looking for people to teach both private and group lessons that they run. As it is an online position, a strong internet, webcam and a microphone is a must. To maintain their close knit community they do however require you to be in Japan, with strong preferences for the Kanto region (preferrably Tokyo, Chiba and Yokohama). Click here for the One Coin English review page.

One Coin English JP: They are looking for on demand “language partners” for 10-minute classes with Japanese students. Language partners can be teachers, proofreaders, translators and university students. They will help Japanese students with their English for work, job interviews, presentations, and university studies for 10 minutes each session. Most classes are audio only but the learner can request a video class. They pay 350 Yen per 10 minutes via PayPal. They pay almost instantly, within 24 hours.  Click here for the One Coin English JP review page.

OKpanda is an English learning platform using instant messaging, live voice and other digital methods. According to the comments they pay $5.5 USD per 25 minute class. Click here for the comments and the OkPanda review page.

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