120-Hour TESOL/TEFL Programme



  1.   What do you offer?

       We offer a 120-hour TESOL/TEFL Programme focused on 12 Lessons that include Lesson Planning, Practical Teaching Skills, etc.  Our UK-based London                   Teacher Training College equips those who are new to the profession and inspires those who already have some experience.  

        This course is ideal for those who want to gain a professional qualification with certification in Teaching English as a Foreign language (TEFL) or                        Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). 

  1.   What are the inclusions of your course?

        The inclusions are:       

                        *All Study Materials (120-Hour Program)

                        *ALT/ELT Life & Work Orientation & Guidance

                        *Apprenticeship Program/Practice Teaching

                        *Batch Support through Facebook Group

                        *Character of Reference for Job Agencies

                        *Computer Literacy for Online TESOL/TEFL Classes

                        *Full Teacher and Admin Support (Personalized Assistance)

                        *In-house Hiring to Qualified Teachers

                        *Job Referrals

                        *Live Coaching & Training Sessions

                        *Local & International Educational Trips Assistance

                        *Online & Onsite School Exposure & Experience (Registered School)

                        *Self-Enrichment Activities

                        *TESOL/TEFL Certificate (Hard Copy)

                        *Transcript of Records

  1.   What is the content of your course?

             The contents are:

                          Unit 1:   Introduction to Teaching English as a Foreign Language

                          Unit 2:   Grammar

                          Unit 3:   Teaching and Learning Grammar

                          Unit 4:   Teaching Vocabulary

                          Unit 5:   Teaching Productive Skills: Speaking and Writing

                          Unit 6:   Teaching Receptive Skills: Listening and Reading

                          Unit 7:   Materials and Aids

                          Unit 8:   Teaching Pronunciation

                          Unit 9:   Lesson Planning

                          Unit 10:   Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers

                          Unit 11:   Using Course Books Effectively

                          Unit 12:   Introduction to Using the Web

  1.  How much is your course?

            Registration Fee: ¥20,000

                 Option A: Registration Fee + ¥68,000 

                 Option B: Registration Fee + ¥36,500 (1st Month) + ¥36,500 (2nd Month)

                            *Tax Included

                                    *If you are located in the Philippines or outside Japan, please inform us. 

  1.  Where is your school located?

              We are located at LTTC – Japan Training Center, 6-18-54 Sunagawacho, Tachikawa, Tokyo 190-0031, Japan

  1.  What are the requirements to qualify for the course?

                This is open to all 18  years old and above. You can join regardless of educational background, nationality or location. Since classes will be conducted online, we expect our students to have stable internet and a gadget/laptop to use.

  1.  I am a high school graduate, can I teach in Japan?

               It is a fact that many schools in Japan prefer those who have a college degree but there are also many schools that hire those who are high school graduates and have teaching certificates, especially TESOL. We have students who got hired even though they don’t have a college degree.

  1.  Will you provide me with a job after finishing the course?

               We don’t directly hire however we can provide recommendations to the companies or schools you wish to apply to.  We can also be the Character of Reference and can be contacted by the job agencies assisting you. Having our accredited 120-hour TESOL/TEFL Certificate is a big advantage when applying as an English teacher not only in Japan but also anywhere in the world. 

  1.  Is there a certificate after the course?

               Absolutely. After completion of the requirements, you will be given a hard copy of the certificate and Transcript of Records.


  1.  What is the difference between TEFL and TESOL?

           TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and is used mainly in Britain and Europe while TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other languages and is used mainly in the United States of America. They are essentially the same.

  1.  Do I need a laptop to take this course?

           Using a computer or a gadget with a good screen size is recommended since you will be working on homework that might be difficult if you use a smartphone. 

  1.  How can I be sure that you are legit?

             We are a registered Kabushikigaisha (corporation) in Japan. Click here to see our website: https://www.oliveskk.com/tesol/

  1.  I want to enroll, how can I pay?

          Payment Methods:

                (1)  Japan-based students

                          a.  Japan Post:  オリーブス (カ 10130-87020271  (OLIVES株式会社)

                          b.  Aosyn Bank: オリーブス (カ   (OLIVES株式会社) Branch:  Tamagawajosui  

                              Regular Account Number: 0771020

                 (2) Outside Japan students

                           PayPal: japanese.oliveskk@gmail.com
                           Payooner:  enrollee’s email needed for payment request


                  (3) Philippine-based students & Filipinos in other countries (except Japan)

                          a.  Bank of Philippine Islands    Checking Account Number:  1570005193

                          b.  GCash  09163721586  Venus G.


                Jolly Phonics: https://forms.gle/sZjnH7Q5fbcnsRrM7

               TESOL:  https://tinyurl.com/tesoltopcenter

  tesoljapanlink@gmail.com or through our Facebook account:  TESOL Japan


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