Glad to be with the Japanese believers this first Sunday of the new year. The local church in my neighborhood meet for lunch every after the service (“misa”). It’s good “koinonia” (fellowship) and catch up with updates.

Today is a special luncheon as they integrate their traditional new year delicacies. Right now we are eating “ozoni” and locally-produced fruits like apples & oranges. Some members brought souvenir snacks from their trip abroad. Feels like I travelled to Italy as I enjoy the Italian sounvenir chocolate.

It’s my turn to bless the locals with necklaces made of coconut shells. Thanks to my friend Lynne Ora Tutor who sent me her beautifully-designed jewelries from Bohol, Philippines. I was supposed to give them during the Christmas Candlelight Service but I forgot my bag. Earlier on that day, I had my school Christmas event and I just rushed with my adult student to go to church for a solemn mass/celebration of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

What a beautiful sight to behold the Japanese ladies wearing Philippine-made necklaces!

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