In my adult classes at YMCA from 2000~2010, I asked my students to research and report in class (aka English Public Speaking) anything that makes Japan unique. Throughout our lessons we learned many new things about the past and I usually exclaimed, “OIJ!” It’s self-discovery or introspection for the locals and they enjoyed their studies and classmates’ reports. How I wish I’ve compiled them into a book.

Today I just read an article about an innovation debut only in Japan. This is good news for me as a “rice person.” I hope & pray I’ll own one as I love travelling, driving and eating anything with rice. 

In my posted profile at YMCA premises in Saitama, it states Hannah likes sushi (Japanese), pilaf (French), risotto (Italian). I actually have more in the list which showcase Filipino food culture: tapsilog, longsilog and “inkirog” (for my Ilocano dialect).

Enjoy reading this article: https://www.audi.jp/rice/ 

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