The most unique library I’ve ever entered in my life! It has very interesting cubicles in different sizes and designs and elevated areas where members can choose to sit, lie down, squat or stand reading their comic books or magazines. The atmosphere is like in the middle of the forest or jungle because of the wooden materials used in all the pieces of furniture and with “tatami” (grass straw) mats. I really wish we have this public library in my country which encourages young and old to read together or have their own private quarters. My students’ families go to this educational institution together almost every week. It’s good bonding while learning or relaxing together over “manga” (comic) books.

The only downside I found here is they don’t have foreign reading materials. It may be good for foreigners like me to study the Japanese language or local culture here. By the time I’m not busy, it may be worth to join and pay the membership fee.

Hats off to Japan’s 100% literacy rate! Reading “manga” has leveled up.  Before, it was taken to kill imagination  and considered just for children. There are comic books now that feature scenarios in the stock market, sportsworld, business deals, careers, professional workers, etc.

Manga Park is within the premises of  Tachikawa City Children Future Center (Kodomo Mirai Center).  I wrote a blog about this civic center the other day. So whenever I teach at the public children center, I also go to Manga Park just to buy my lunch. The prices of meals here are very reasonable. I don’t buy softdrinks but I can drink fresh orange juice here.

During school breaks, children or the whole family can order food at Manga Park. They can also opt to bring their lunchboxes and eat in the building veranda or by the garden tables spread around the grounds. It’s a great picnic area under the trees then have communal reading time.

Hoping someone can join me in this dream to build the same park in my home country. Indeed, leaders are readers.

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