Great to be surrounded by local and international restaurants! For more than 9 years living near Tamagawajosui Station, it’s been more convenient to just hop in & out these eateries and establish a relationship with the owners. Cucina Sige is one of the first Italian restaurants that became my house extension. Many times in my busy schedule and guests suddenly dropped by, this restaurant comes to my rescue. The owner has also been very supportive of our annual school Autumn event. He’s even the one reminding his restaurant is open to our schoolchildren’s Halloween trick-or-treating. He really prepares a bagful of goodies for each of our students! The parents and friends of our students really appreciate this eatery with a homey look and ambiance. 

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Before the 2 other Italian restaurants in my neighborhood, Cucina Sige led me to appreciate more Italian cuisines. I may not be a pasta-and-meat-lover but great to “devour” their パンツェロッティ (panzerotti) and pizza. Many times when I order risotto, the chef asks me if I can wait longer as it’s not really in their menu. Feeling special that a dish is specially prepared for me.

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Cucina Sige is just about 3 minutes walk from the train and bus station. They are open for parties and banquets and prepare your preferred dishes. To date, lunch is by reservation but dinner is open to everyone from 6:00 PM. Check their website for details: http://www.cucina-sige.com/

It could be cheaper to just cook my own food but it takes more time to do so. Consider time for shopping then preparing the ingredients and by the moment the food is cooked, I’m already full tasting and smelling its aroma. Many times the uncooked portions of vegetables and cooked dishes were left rotten. “Mottainai!” It’s really a big waste.

Time is a big factor for my work and lifestyle these days. I love cooking but I’d rather eat for around 30 minutes than spending hours just to make 1 or 2 dishes then forcing myself to eat. Quite a drama praising or degrading my own culinary skills. I remember I won a cooking contest when I was in high school and even awarded as Model Student for Home Economics! Well, for the time being, eating-out is for physical nourishment and social bonding, especially with my neighbors and surrounding family restaurants.

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