“Enjoy wrapping, enjoy giving” What an interesting slogan for a package wholesale company in my city! If you’re looking for various designs to wrap your gifts or decorate your homes & schools for thematic events and need unique party stuff, visit Shimojima Package Plaza (https://www.shimojima.co.jp). Indeed, its a beautiful one-stop shop for events needs! Items sold here cannot be found in other stores. I can say this is the only place I can buy many seasonal hanging ornaments. It’s also a souvenir galore!

When I was teaching at the YMCA in Saitama Prefecture, I bought a lot of materials at Propak Store near the school. The time I started having Olives Language School events, I still travel to Propak to buy party stuff and decors. After a few years of living in Tachikawa, I just realized it has a branch here and it’s about 5 minutes by bicycle. But this new year, the Propak store has a new signboard: Shimojima Group Package Plaza.

In preparation for the Valentine event and in anticipation of many students finishing the English course next month, I went to the Package Plaza early this week. There were changes in the store like arrangements of shelves and displays and new staff in the pay counter. Glad that they still sell various bags & boxes for packaging, attractive gift wraps, stationeries, school certificates and all sorts of decors for seasonal events. The store is indeed a good place to shop for school materials though they are more expensive than Daiso or Seria ¥ 100 shops.

What did I buy this time? Well in just about 15-minute shopping, I bought 2 reams of colored A4 paper, Valentine hanging ornaments, completion certificates & snacks for the students. There were sale items which I also bought: Christmas decors & Halloween gummies and lollipops.  I may go back here again for the Spring and Easter school events.

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