Today is my adult student’s birthday but she’ll celebrate it at an Indian restaurant this weekend. As we talk about Indian restaurants, we realized that there are so many of them in Tachikawa City. I readily shared my favorite Hira Indian Restaurant & Bar located at the northern side of JR Tachikawa Station. (Phone #: 042-529-7337 Website: http://hira-corporation.co.jp)

As I wrote in my other blog, I eat turmeric-laden foods at least once a week for “brain nutrients.” I read and heard that turmeric is good for the brain so I make it sure that I eat Indian or Nepali dishes for healthy brain sake.

It’s by accident that I found Hira Indian restaurant. As I explore eateries in Tachikawa City, I prefer to experience Asian foods. The first foreign restaurant I found was a Vietnamese one. I really like their “tapioca” (gluten-free starch from cassava) as it serves as a drink and dessert. As I got busy teaching at junior high schools and directly opposite direction of my route, I cannot regularly eat at this beautifully-designed, exotic restaurant.

When I became a full-time teacher at Olives Language School in 2014, classes were extended in various places on the southern side of Tachikawa City. I was happy that I can visit the Vietnamese restaurant again, so I thought. To my surprise, there was a change in management. One day as I was already inside the premises of the new restaurant, I just ordered dishes but with a strong request to the waiter that my meal set must be mild or no spices at all. I’m not really a “curry-lover” but I like the thought that it’s good “food for the brain!”

Great to personally meet the owner-manager of the Indian restaurant and we exchanged views on the foreigners’ plight in Japan and how his family is surviving. His journey is very impressive as he was able to open 3 branches of his Indian restaurant around Metropolitan Tokyo. Months passed by and the Indian restaurant’s name was changed to Hira. With the language barrier, the waiters cannot tell me what happened to the manager of the first Indian restaurant I learned to like.

Tuesday night is not complete without stopping by at Hira restaurant. As a patron, one corner of the restaurant seems to be reserved for me so I can watch the evening news. It’s a triple purpose then coming to this healthy eatery: dinner, news & wind down the long day!

Oh yes, I just completed my Hira point card so I’m entitled to a free dinner next week! Hope to bring my adult students here again as we had a memorable “bonenkai” (Year-End Party) in 2016. Since the place is located in a basement, the restaurant is good for long, loud chit-chats even viewing non-stop Indian music & dance movies. 

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