In the early 1990s, I lived in the Ward area of Tokyo where “sumo” wrestlers were a common site for me. On the train platform, even I closed my eyes, I knew the sumo wrestlers were coming because of the sound of their “geta” (wooden shoes). What an interesting cultural experience for me seeing them in person in their Japanese costume and hairstyle.

As I was not really into sports then, I didn’t bother watching their bouts. When I went inside their wrestling arena for the first time in Ryogoku in 1994, I heard more of the religious connection of this local sport. There were times when I passed by the arena on my way to my assigned schools and there were a lot of media, fans, and spectators. Since my adult students talked about “sumo” in our class discussions, I slowly appreciate this sport and monitor related news.

It’s a privilege for me to know the President of Takayasu International Fan Club. She’s actually my classmate at Ateneo Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship. Through her Facebook posts, I can know more about the Filipino-Japanese “sumo” wrestler and how both the locals and internationals enjoy watching this local sport. Looking forward to the time mixed race Akira Takayasu will become “yokozuna” (grand champion sumo wrestler).

Do you want to know more about Japan’s #1 sport? Check the detailed info here:http://www.sumotalk.com/history.htm

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