Have you ever been to a Japanese garden? Its beauty is in its simplicity and serenity. Blessed to live near the Showa Memorial Park where at least 2 areas are focused on the Japanese Garden and Bonsai Garden. The arrangements of the garden and plants have meaning and as the locals say, “They have spiritual expression.” One of my adult students once said, “Japanese movements, culture, and tradition have religious roots.” I respect their creative expressions though I all attribute the glory to the God of creation.

When it comes to flowers arrangements, I haven’t been so impressed by the Japanese “Ikebana or kado.” It’s another OIJ this art of flower arrangement. So many times I received flowers from my students and the wife of a Japanese pastor. Their thoughtfulness is well-expressed on how they arranged the flowers. The presentation is very important in the local’s products. Notice their lunch boxes, meal sets, technology, transportation system, packagings, stores, gardens, and flower arrangements!

I wish I have the luxury of time to talk more about this OIJ and even to study this wonderful art of flower arrangements. Maybe, someday.

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