What a joy and privilege to teach a 7-dan female karate instructor, who co-owns with her 8-dan master karate instructor-husband around 20 “dojo” (schools) in West Tokyo! I actually learned a lot about this OIJ (Original in Japan) sport in our classes for more than 4 years. We talked a lot about its history, techniques, uniforms, ranks, area federations, and bid to be included in the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

When karate was announced to be one of the 8 new sports in the 32nd Summer Olympics, my school and I rejoiced with the karate federation as we really rally behind its inclusion!

In our past school events,  we invited karate kids from Busonjuku to showcase their skills and for our students and guests to learn and experience this Japanese sport.  We look forward to the international karate competition in Tokyo in 2020!

Karate Exhibition during Olives English School’s Summer Festival.

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