Health is wealth! Let’s consider taking care of our physical body. We just have one life to live. What to do with your material possessions if you can’t enjoy them due to health reasons. With a healthy body and sound mind, they’re indeed one’s treasure!

Blessed to have been in good health — never hospitalized and no colds nor hay fever — in my 27 years in Japan. Sometimes I thought it’s a big waste of paying very expensive monthly health insurance in Japan. I may have been to an orthopedic and dental clinic but they’re not major health problems. Thank God for his protection and daily sustenance!

When I moved to Tachikawa City in 2010, one of my neighbor-students brought me to Izumi-Taiikukan to join her family exercise. It’s great to see the whole family enjoying the different sports facilities on weekends. I joined them for some time but then I became busy. Cycling to various learning centers became my regular exercise. Teaching toddlers could be physically-draining but I’m taking it as a fun exercise, too. 🙂

As I learn more about my city, I realized that there’s a Tachikawa City Physical Education Association. Check their website to know how to take part in their various activities: http://www.t-taikyo.jp/

Joining the civic gym or association is a wonderful way to link with the locals as well as taking care of our physical being! There are sports events in the city like Marathon at Showa Memorial Park. Try to discover your sport or take it as a hobby and join the tourneys.

In the city hall’s website, it indicates that there are 4 civic gymnasiums and the closest to my place is Izumi Taiikukan; the only one in the northern side of JR Tachikawa Station. It’s easy to locate since it’s just in front of a Tama Monorail Station that bears the same name. Plan to visit this place with your family & friends:

Izumi Civic Gymnasium
786-11, Izumicho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo 190 – 0015 
Phone: 042-536-6711
Fax: 042-537-8220
Website: http://www.tama-spo.com/izumi/

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