OIJ # 13: ODEN

This OIJ was supposed to be published on March 5 but somehow my iPhone and laptop were not in sync. I was out of the house then so I was just using my iPhone and this draft was in my laptop.

Great to see this “oden” in the “sento” (public bath) so I ordered it for my quick dinner. It’s a very unique Japanese dish and many attribute its healthy ingredients. Two OIJs in one place! Indeed, Japan has a very distinct culture — from food to lifestyle to technology to gardening to practices & rituals. Well, I already have about 40 OIJs!

“Oden” is a local one-pot dish with various ingredients such as boiled eggs, radish, seaweed, and processed fishcakes stewed in a light, soy-flavored fish broth. Recently, the “oden” square hot pot in convenience stores have hotdogs, skewered beef, and fishballs.

The smell may not be good but I’m taking its health offers.  Why not try it? You’ve got a viand & soup at the same time for a reasonable price.

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