When food is the much-needed stress-reliever, I rush to an eatery serving familiar ingredients and tastes! Kamayan’s Tachikawa was first recommended to me by a Black American servicewoman working at the Yokota Airbase in the northern part of Tokyo. She came here with her churchmates and mentioned to me that she enjoyed the unique dishes and its ambiance. I was surprised that it’s near my place, about 5 minutes by bicycle or 15 minutes on foot, but never heard of it in my 8 years in this city.

Kare-kare (mixed vegetables & meat with peanut paste)

Since it felt like home when I first visited the Philippine restaurant last year, I became their regular diner. In fact, I organized a New Year Party (Shinenkai) with my adult students at Regalia Condominium here. I have introduced this place to my other adult students and most of them had lunch or dinner here last year. Great to see Japanese, Americans, and Filipinos in the restaurant today. It’s becoming a popular rendezvous for locals & internationals!

My Japanese Language School classmate-turned-friend & Olives School Staff

It may be considered bias that it’s number 2 in my city’s landmark but it just so happens the second place I visited this second day of February.  Actually, it’s not in my schedule to eat here at lunchtime as I was supposed to celebrate my friend & school staff’s 40th birthday at the Palace Hotel near JR Tachikawa Station. She got sick of influenza that I asked our Japanese staff to cancel my reservation. The 2 Filipinas that I arranged to meet expressed to arrive late so I just decided to eat on my own.

Well, I decided to release & calm down my spirit when the renovation in my school is not going well this morning. Time to eat out and just enjoy the day with Filipino dishes! Satisfied and refreshed, I was able to enjoy my reunion with my old friends, had enlightening consultation with an immigration lawyer, and finished my 5 consecutive evening classes still full of energy. (For Japanese immigration consultation, naturalization & business registration, send a private message to Olives Visa & Business Consulting Group (Faceboook).

Yummy Lomi (noodles with vegetables & pork)

Kamayan’s Restaurant is located at Mitsuba Kopo, 4-12-5 Wakaba-cho, Tachikawa City, Tokyo 190-0001. Phone Number: 042-535-3955 Service Hours: 11:00 AM – 2:00 AM

Pork barbecue with mixed spices & vinegar dipping

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