Visit the newest Italian family restaurant chain in my city — Olive Hill! The facade of their building is very captivating as they have many olive trees.  My high school student introduced me to this restaurant as it bears the same name as our school.  To date, we have 6 olive trees in our school and with a building design of olive tree house.  I’d been wondering why the olive tree is becoming popular in Japan.

Back in early 2000,  I read the book The Lexus and the Olive Tree by Thomas Friedman and Japan was mentioned in some pages.  What I remember the book features fast-changing times but maintaining the tradition in society.  It holds true to my host country. The olive tree signifies long life that withstands different seasons and bears much fruit.

Olive trees at Olives Language School that are more than 4 years old now!

Well, before the year ended in 2018, I visited Olive Hill and I was surprised how cheap the dishes here!  In their other chain restaurants, they have “all-you-can-eat” pizza during lunchtime. I didn’t see any campaign when I had visited this place for already four times.   I actually have a language barrier here as their ordering machines are all in Japanese. I asked help from the staff but to no avail.  Somehow it’s not foreign-friendly.

Glad though that they have soup and drink bar but how I wish they have other “food campaigns” as I really like their Italian cuisine.

It takes 5 minutes by bicycle or about 20 minutes walk from Olives Language School and Tamagawajosui Station.   Try to visit Olive Hill at 2-13-1 Kashiwacho and enjoy your Italian meals in their spacious dining tables and counters.

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