Along Tamagawajosui Station which separates 2 cities are good international family restaurants. Loyal to the local dishes here but great to pamper myself with Italian, French & Chinese fine dining when I have the luxury of time. 

 For this month, I’m featuring points of interest in my city which includes eateries. My favorite Italian restaurant is located in my neighbor city so I’ll just share about the Italian restaurant closest to the train station and my schoolhouse.

Il Piatto Ochiai is famous for their variety of Italian set meals, pizza, and display of Ducati bike! It is ranked #299 among the 1,364 restaurants in Tachikawa City.  Try to visit this “homey resto” at 4-63-8 Kashiwacho with phone number 042-537-7374. They are open from lunchtime to 11:00 PM. Just a block away is Cucina Sige Italian restaurant which opens at lunchtime upon reservation but regularly caters evening meals.

Countless times I took my family and friends to both Italian restaurants. Since Il Piatto Ochiai is always open at lunchtime, I have eaten here more than Cucina Sige. The chef and waiters already know my preferred service. Sometimes when I enter the restaurant I’m informed right away that they don’t have my usual order so I can politely leave their premises. Oh, they also knew I don’t drink anything with ice.

Their seafood dishes are to die for!  Since they opened in 2014,  I always order the “pesce” meal but served with a variety of plates of seafood.

There were times they participated in the Olives Language School’s Halloween trick-or-treating but they declined last year as they had building renovation.

One can learn about the Italian language and culture here through their culinary arts!

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