One way to learn a local culture is through its original cuisine. You can’t help but associate the natives to their food! In foreign lands, when you think of raw seafood on top of vinegared rice, the Japanese people come to mind right away. Indeed, “sushi” is Japan’s most popular contribution to the world of gastronomy! It becomes more unique as they’re served in conveyor belts. Sometimes, they are called “kaitenzushi” (sushi train) and some sushi bars have “shinkansen” (bullet train) to deliver the ordered sushi, salad, appetizers, desserts, etc. It’s a very entertaining local eatery for my “gaijin” (foreign) friends and guests!

Totoyamichi serves hot pots!

As I feature the nearest sushi restaurant in my district, you can also realize how many traditional family restaurants around my schoolhouse. They’re all a great blessing to me as I always have visitors and easy to run to when I need to boost my energy in just a few minutes and with limited time to devour food. 

  Once I wrote, “sushi is life” as I can just hop into the bar or family restaurant and eat right away!

Hosting the Danish friend of our schoolteacher!

Totoyamichi is one of the famous sushi restaurants in Tachikawa City. It belongs to the largest food chain in Japan, Skylark Group. You can enjoy their delicious and fresh sushi here: 5-86-17 Saiwaicho Phone #: 042-538-7132 Website: https://www.skylark.co.jp/en/totoyamichi/menu/index.html

My favorite set: uni sushi, ikura roll, chawanmoshi, miso soup & green tea!

One of the staff at Totoyamichi is our university student at Olives Language School. She is preparing to go to Australia to study for 6 months. Great to receive a discount stub from her so I can order more plates of sushi. The Japanese chef speaks Filipino so we sometimes talk about various topics while he prepares sushi for me.

The added joy & benefits of eating out are relationship-building with the staff, chef, managers & owners!

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