Looking for DIY Home Center? Glad that one of the 181 branches of Keiyo D2 (Day to Day) is about 5 minutes by bicycle from my schoolhouse near Tamagawajosui Station! I rushed to this home center last night as I really need indoor plants to keep fresh natural air in our rooms. Check for yourself what this 66-year old chain store has to offer. They are mostly in the Kanto Area of Japan and here’s their address in my city: Saiwaicho 2-32-1. Phone #: 042-534-6380 Website: https://www.keiyo.co.jp/english/en-busines/

Last Tuesday, one of our young students noticed the strong smell of paints and I agreed with him that it’s not good for our health. Some classes were even transferred to the other building especially the toddlers’ group. The exterior renovation of Olives Language School is still ongoing but I need to start putting interior decors which include air-purifying plants. Today, the Grade 1 pupil who complained of the room odor last week, did not say related things but enjoyed his learning activities.

I believe that it’s not a coincidence that I did not wake up sneezing this morning. The new plants in our lobby work wonders! In my 27 years in Japan, I never experienced having a hay fever nor a cold and I don’t want to ever have it. For the past weeks, I can’t withstand the dryness in my skin and nonstop sneezing. “Prevention is better than cure” so I need to have more natural-freshener plants plus living decors in the school. 

The 3 big floor mats in our school lobby were also bought at D2 and I carried them on my bicycle. I can’t cycle then because they’re too long & heavy so I walked with my bicycle! 

Many other school materials were also bought at D2 like laminating machines & films, paints & carpentry stuff and office supplies.

Some of the flowering plants and gardening equipment at D2 are reasonably priced. They also sell seasonal products like Christmas, New Year, Spring, Autumn & Halloween decors.

I noticed they don’t have any Valentine chocolates and decors for sale. 

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