Are you planning to travel to Japan with a limited budget or just be near the train station so you can tour more places or catch your early flight?  Or, nothing left to transport you to your residence?  Maybe, just a place to be alone?  Why not try this OIJ:  capsule hotel!

This will be a great adventure sleeping in an unconvetional bedroom.  Experience the uniqueness of the Japanese technology and culture.  Learn how the locals innovate as they cope with societal needs.

You can actually have many choices where to stay when you visit Japan! Check this video to know more which best suit you and your travelling companions. I have been receiving a lot of messages asking me where they can stay in Japan. I hope this blog can be of help to you. How I pray I can have a place for AirBnb or dorm to host you. Once I have more space, I’ll let you know.

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