Great to be in a place tonight with 3 OIJs: “sento” (public bath), “manga” (comic books), and “anime” (animation characters)!

I’ve blogged about “Yu Sento” in the past. As they have free wi-fi, I can relax, blog & bathe here. This is indeed a very interesting place as the customers can freely read comic books, play with lego & slot machines and view & touch hundreds of collectors items, basically Japanese animation characters.

As I read about animation, it’s recognized as originally Japanese or associated with Japan. I grow up watching Voltes V and Messenger Z. I may have outgrown liking Pokemon characters but I can’t help but play it when it became a famous virtual game about 3 years ago. As I teach in various places connected to Olives Language School, I got many chances to catch Pokemon characters. With my only 16GB iPhone, I can’t continue playing it that I even have to delete the app to have more space and memory.

What’s your favorite anime? Check the characters on display in the lobbies and staircase of the public bath in Tachikawa City.

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