Today is the 3rd day of renovating our school toilet. It started last Tuesday with our staff and I hope to finish it tonight. This is the reason I’d like to write about Japanese toilets. Besides, Unko (poop in Japanese) Museum just opened in Japan on March 15.  Sounds gross but there’s a norm or belief here about cleaning the toilet. 

There are many ways to say toilet in Japan.

Toire トイレ : bathroom, restroom, lavatory

Toirettoトイレット 便所: toilette

Benjo 厠: lavatory, latrine, restroom, comfort station

Kawaya 化粧室 : lav, lavatory, privy, john, jakes

Keshō-shitsu: lavatory, powder room

O tearai お手洗い: restroom, lavatory, bathroom

Fujō-ba 不浄場 : unclean place

As many foreigners claim, Japanese toilets are the best in the world! With the local’s constant innovation, they’re always leading the way. Now, this is one of their newest exports. This OIJ man’s best friend is really giving comfort. 


 I added videos where you can see for yourself a toilet that can massage, has a portable remote control and its sounds keep you from embarrassment when you’re doing your thing. 


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