Glad to experience eating “kyushoku” for  3 consecutive years when I taught at 2 junior high schools in Kodaira City, Tokyo!  I actually didn’t eat with the students but with the Japanese teachers in the Teachers’ Room or designated room.  It’s really a new experience for me arranging meal sets with and for my fellow teachers.   I felt like a student asking a lot of questions about our viands.  Most of the dishes were new to me as in I had never seen nor eaten them before.   I really enjoyed our lunchtime as I was learning more and more the Japanese food culture as well as getting to know better the people I work with. 

Respect for the dietitians  and the whole educational system for introducing healthy and affordable food for the students, teachers, and staff.

I think “Only in Japan” (OIJ) where well-balanced meals were served by the students and for the students. A lot of the ingredients in the dishes were locally-produced so they are cheaper and easier to market. There are videos comparing school lunches around the world and I more than agree that “kyushoku” is the best! Recent articles are circulating that Japanese long life span — the world’s number 1 and with the highest number of centenarians — could be attributed to this school lunch system. Hope many countries in the world would follow suit.

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