Looking for indoor children learning activities or parent-child programs? Go to the city’s Children Future Center in Nishikicho 2-26, Toshikawa 3-chome. (Phone: 042-529-8682 or check their website: https://t-mirai.com/)

The former city hall is now a complex facility for supporting education, cultural art programs, child-rearing, and civic activities. The basement, 1st, and 2nd floors can be used by various organizations for conferences, art galleries, and other collaborative functions.

Even I lived in another city, I used to visit this place to accompany foreigners in city hall-related transactions. By the time I moved to Tachikawa, the building was destroyed and the city hall was moved to the northern part of the city which is closer to my schoolhouse. I never imagined working at the newly-built facility from summer of 2003!

It’s been great teaching here for more than 5 years and blessed to have met many moms and children living in the city and from other cities. I’m happy to meet families who traveled all the way to the center, especially those who are not bonafide Tachikawa residents. Glad to grow with the kids and establish a wonderful relationship with the moms!

Today we reached a new milestone! We finished the Jolly Phonics 7 Story & Finger Books and 42 Letter Sounds with Actions!https://youtu.be/UqSb_5oKJCsSee the moms enjoying the Jolly Phonics Group 2 English Rhythmic Music. Hope they can teach the lyrics & actions to their children.

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