For 15 straight years in Japan, I was just at the back of the wheel and had rare train & bus rides. 

 I really enjoyed driving around Kanto Area and once I drove to Kyushu Area for 18 hours one way. It was an unforgettable and even scary moment driving back to Tokyo with a Filipino family, a Filipina friend and a Korean lady as our van has no snow tires or chains and we passed by cities with roads covered with snow. Lesson learned: check the weather when traveling to far away places! Well, I love to see nature while driving and giving tours to my family, guests, and friends!

Part of the challenge of owning a car is the expensive “shaken” (車検) — car maintenance checks every 2 years as stipulated by the Land Transportation Office in Japan plus annual car insurance and road tax. Since I used to drive to the airports and downtown Tokyo and hosted international religious leaders and Philippine celebrities, I had regular car wash & polish to look “clean & proper.” For 8 “shaken” and at least once a month car “grooming,” I still need to search and travel around for these important car services.

Lo & behold when I moved to Tachikawa City in 2010, Kobac is just at the back of my schoolhouse. It looks like a good car inspection and cleaning shop. I could have saved a lot of my time, energy and finances if I still own a car now. Well, I wasn’t allowed to drive to my assigned junior high schools and a minute walk to the train and bus stations made my car useless for months. The best is to give up my car and just rent one when my family or friends come to Japan…Then I can also make use of my gold/5-year driver’s license. Praying to maintain it so I need to avoid traffic penalties.

As I read the background of Kobac company, I can learn from them how to establish a lasting relationship with clients. From guiding a customer in buying a car to its regular bi-annual maintenance to check-ups to cleaning, they offer them like the one-stop shop. It’s hard then to leave them or choose other car service companies.

Kobac has 500 stores nationwide that specializes in car maintenance. They are mostly franchises. Since their establishment in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture in 1976, they directly manage 10 shops.

Try the service of their branch near Tamagawajosui Station.

  • Address: 6-1-1 Saiwaicho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo, 190-0002
  • Toll-free: 0037-6000-3152
  • Phone: 042-536-1405 Fax: 042-536-1464
  • Opening hours: 8: 30-19: 00 / Saturday 8: 30-17: 00
  • Closed holiday: 1st, 3rd Sunday · Public Holiday · Golden Week/ Summer Vacation · New Year’s holiday

Website: https://kobac-tachikawa.com/

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