Heads up for one of the best parks for “hanami” (cherry blossom viewing) in Japan: Showa Memorial Park! Going to this northern part of Tokyo is visiting 8 various parks within a big park and it’s great for all seasons. Spanning 160 hectares, considered the 2nd largest park in the country’s capital, it boasts a Japanese Garden, Bonsai Garden, fields of seasonal flowers, thematic events like Winter Illumination, Rainbow Pool water features in Summer, “Koyo” (changing of leaves colors) in Autumn, and flower festival in Spring. Its inauguration in 1983 coincided the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Emperor Showa’s reign.

Today I noticed the cherry tree near the Tamagawajosui Station has a lot of blossoms already. Time to plan for picnics under the trees full of flowers. 

 I highly recommend Showa Memorial Park for your annual “hanami,” family gatherings, celebrations, meetings, landscape photos, kids activities, exercise, nature-viewing, crafts, and many learning activities for all ages.

During the seasonal events, great to explore various local and international delicacies. It looks like having street foods and picnics under the trees or grass lawns at the same time. Go for “shinrin yoku” (forest bathing) or cycling or walking around for exercise and meditation

Golden birthday celebration at Showa Memorial Park!

I really love our city’s park as I have many wonderful memories here. I’ve organized a lot of international events, special gatherings, and birthday celebrations; the most noted one is my golden birthday. It’s a dream came true when my family flew to Japan for my Japanese-themed half-century birthday celebration inside Showa Memorial Park. My first birthday celebration here was arranged by one of my adult students which was held in the barbecue area. It’s really amazing that we can rent out complete utilities for barbecue inside the park and it’s very convenient with reasonable price.

For many foreigners’ reviews, this is #1 to visit in Tachikawa City and 74 out of 79 respondents commented a “must-see” in Tokyo. In Spring, the cherry trees and tulips garden are the best attractions here.

Address: 3173 Midoricho, Tachikawa 190-8530, Tokyo Prefecture
Website: http://www.showakinen-koen.jp/guide-english/schedule-english/

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