Time for quick late evening celebration as the long-delayed school renovation was completed and the best place to go in my area is Sushiro! Almost always when I go to this local eatery, I can easily find a seat in the counter area — eat & run as the name of the game of life here. 

 Families or groups have to wait for the table area and it takes a long time because it’s always crowded here. One way to kill time or amuse hungry kids is to let them play “gatcha” (small vending machines for miniature toys).

This “kaitenzushi” (conveyor belt sushi) is new in our city and so far it’s getting good reviews from customers. It’s cheaper compared to other sushi bars and restaurants! For us foreign customers, we can order through their multilingual screen gadgets. Indeed, Sushiro is very convenient, delivers fast service and serves dishes at reasonable prices.

Normally, I can eat less than 10 plates of sushi but I went overboard last night! 

 Knowing the plates cost only ¥ 100, I ordered more. Great to taste new sushi dishes like salmon with cheese, shrimp with basil cheese and many other sushi rolls just served at Sushiro! My usual side dishes order includes “chawanmoshi” (egg custard soup), tempura and vegetable salad.

Sushiro, a non-smoking establishment, is family & kid-friendly restaurant with 200 seats, free parking, and opens daily from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Have fun eating and learning Japan’s food culture here. Address: 5-39-1 Saiwaicho Phone #: 042-538-4621

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