Plants galore for beautification, air purification, health condition, and school promotion!  Whenever I visit ガーデンセンター上水園 (Garden Center Josuien) near my school in Tamagawajosui Station, the staff seem to know what I like and they readily give me their advice.   In my 9 years buying plants from them,  we somehow established a wonderful connection.  There are different staff and some I meet them for the first time but when I tell them I need plants for a particular season of the year for my school,  they say they know it and claim to pass by my school.

This week I bought air-purifying plants at a home center but I realized I need more for the second floor of our schoolhouse especially in my bedroom.   I rushed to the nearby Garden Center and I bought 3 other natural air-purifiers plus flowering plants as I knew they are closed on Wednesdays.   As our school renovation is in its final stages,  I planned to put more olive trees around the school to make a statement:  “We grow people and olives here.”

I highly recommend this Garden Center Josuien in Tachikawa City as they have very friendly staff and they really know their stuff!   It’s always great to buy various plants here to keep with the season.  To date,  I have varieties of olive trees from this center and learned a lot from the staff.  I also bought “kinkan” (golden mini-oranges) for my citrus needs and for our students & guests to enjoy picking them.

A few summers ago,  I bought baby bitter gourds here for my “green curtain.”  When they grow, they’re indeed good protection from the hot sun and beautiful shade of the front and sides of the school building as they display various hues — from dark green leaves to yellow flowers then white and light green fruits.  Glad to receive a certificate from the city mayor for my involvement in the Green Curtain Contest in Tachikawa City!

When my varieties of tomato plants bore fruits,  my students and their siblings enjoyed harvesting and eating them after classes.  Indeed, we have a holistic school!

Enjoy the scenery & buy your own plants here:   Garden Center Josuien, Saiwaicho 5-86-3, Tachikawa City.  Phone #:  042-535-5683  Website: http://www.annex-tachikawa.com/kobushi33/

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