Finally, the exterior renovation commences today!

In 2017, I carefully planned for our school & gakudo renovation which supposed to commence on the first week of January 2018. What I thought to be just a 2-week project became unending negotiations with various construction companies. They promised to give the quotations in 2 weeks then 2 months but nothing happened. My real estate company introduced a carpenter but can work only 2 days and left the job hanging. So many delays that affected my schedule and classes; of course, not good for school finances. I even have to ask the locals if this is the culture here to promise something and leave you hanging…My building guarantor, a rich Japanese pastor’s wife, apologized and even offered money to cover for my big loss but I don’t want to take her insistent “present.” I just have to swallow this sad situation being a hapless foreigner. Maybe the project is too small for the construction companies; but, at least they inform me if they are still coming or not. Some construction companies altered our kids-friendly designs and their materials are too pricey.

Day 1 of Olives Language School & Gakudo Exterior Renovation

As I expressed the school situation to our students and their parents, some of them searched for companies and one introduced his classmate’s construction company. After 2 days of discussion last year, I agreed with Takasou Company thinking they will start on January 8, 2019. I readily inked the contract just to finish this long-delayed project. In their given schedule, they will start on Monday but they just came this last day of the month.

Reposting my story on other social media as I need to prepare for a trial lesson soon….”Glad to see 2 construction companies come today, January 31, 2019! It’s a very cold Thursday morning (3 C) in Tachikawa City, Tokyo but we need to start this long-delayed exterior renovation project of Olives, Inc. It was planned in 2017 and the interior renovation was finished in October 2018. I think the whole exterior renovation project entails 4 various companies (scaffolding set-up company, wall cleaning company, painting company & signboard company) and all coordinated by Takasou Company, my adult student’s classmate’s business venture.”

Hope the whole project will be finished on time! I’ll document the “before and after” look and read whatever your comments. 

Check our school website here: http://www.olives2020.com
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