Today’s Instagram post connected to Facebook & Twitter received a quick reaction from my friends. It suggests they like my one & only posted photo with a simple caption, “Brunch on rainy Thursday.”

My friend from Papua New Guinea commented, “Wow Japanese food always prepared in style and in an orderly manner. Are all Japanese meals always prepared like this at home and in hotels and restaurants? Looks so yummy and above all healthy.” I replied, “Food presentation is part of the culture here.  Satisfy the eyes and the tummy will follow.” 😀 There were a series of posts where we agree that Japanese food is good, healthy and could be the reason they live longer.

“Sushi” is now an international viand and it could be found in high-end restaurants in various country’s capital. Great to taste this Japanese dish in Alaska, Washington DC, Kansas, Virginia, California and other states in the USA. I heard from my Japanese students that they ate sushi in the countries that they have toured. This OIJ is really a good export of Japanese food culture. I heard and read that many foreign celebrities like “sushi!” Who doesn’t like vinegared rice with fresh seafood toppings? The oil from fish (omega-3 fatty acids) is believed to be good nutrients for our body.

I’ve written 2 blogs about my trips to sushi bars in my neighborhood. They are indeed a blessing considering my busy lifestyle like “eat & run.”

Reblogging 1: https://ec-tokyo.life/2019/02/22/tachikawa-citys-landmarks-22-sushiro/

Reblogging 2: https://ec-tokyo.life/2019/02/13/tachikawa-citys-landmarks-13-totoyamichi-sushi-restaurant/

Sushi set side dishes: vegetable salad & chawanmoshi (my fave soup!)
Cream cheese as dessert! Good combination with vinegared dishes.

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