Today a 4-year old girl in princess costume came to our school! She’s really so cute and it seems our school is the only place she can parade her new yellow gown. The very supportive parents and grandmother are creating good memories of this special day for her. Though knowing with Japanese religious tone, I just would like to celebrate who she is as to how our Creator God wanted her to be and rejoice with the family this Girl’s Day in Japan.

It’s OIJ  as I never heard any other country having a festival for girls and with a set of ornamental dolls representing the emperor, empress, musicians, and attendants in the traditional court dress of the Heian Era. It’s celebrated every 3rd of March and families with female children have dolls in unique kimono costumes as house decors. The festival is to pray for the girl/s’ continued health and happiness.

The other family who came today does not have any daughter but has 2 sons yet the mom will prepare “hinamatsuri chirashisushi.”  It’s a special food for today’s Japanese festival.  Though not wrapped in seaweed, it’s still considered sushi as it’s vinegared rice garnished with thinly-cut fried eggs and many colorful vegetables.

At Olives Kids English Club, we had functional hina dolls craft for our Art & Communication Time. Out of origami, we made paper dolls and pasted on a new tissue box so the emperor and empress can be properly displayed.  It’s pollen & cold season so the tissue can be used by the whole family as needed. 

Variations of chirashisushi

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