The other day it’s on the news the male graduates who used “geta” (traditional Japanese single-tooth sandals) and “hakama” (formal local costume) for their graduation ceremony. It’s very impressive for me as I expect the female locals would wear this with their kimono. Other local males use the “geta” for their sports training; their way of balancing their body.

I’ve written in the past blog that I knew the “sumo” wrestlers were coming near me even when I closed my eyes as I got used to seeing and hearing them walk with the unique wood-thumping sounds. They’re more impressive to see them in these traditional sandals as they have big bodies and yet they can balance themselves and even walk fast.

The Japanese is very innovative as they keep developing new technologies. They treasue their culture and tradition that even simple wooden sandals are kept and redesigned to make it a long-lasting fashionable OIJ. Try to get one and check if you can balance yourself.

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