You really admire the innovative minds of the Japanese people as they cope with the fast changing times! Still they keep their norms & traditions but always find ways to serve quality local products. Convenience, aesthetic presentation, clean, traditional yet easy for both the locals and internationals to make the most of it. The revolving sushi restaurant, commonly called here “kaiten sushi,” attracts a lot of busy workers & families. So grateful that there are at least 2 such kind of eateries in my neighborhood. For a busy person like me who’s always on the go, “eat & run” is a welcome lifestyle. Join me in my next “tabelog”and travelogues. Let’s enjoy creative blogging and even vlogging about OIJs (Only in Japan or Originated in Japan).

What’s your favorite sushi! I love “uni” (sea urchin). I actually grow up eating boiled sea urchin. In my hometown in the Philippines, there is a sea urchin farm. Coming to Japan, it was first a big surprise to me that they eat this popular sushi raw and fresh — no additives and just cut then refrigerated. My adult students told me that the best time to eat “uni” is in winter. Many Japanese travel to Hokkaido and eat this particular sea creature. I was told that they can afford only half of this round-shaped seafood. Glad that I can order 2 plates today whereas the last season, I can order only once. In summer, there were no sea urchin in the revolving table.

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