Freebies nature healing, anyone? Just about 5 minutes on foot from Tamagawajosui Station along Seibu Shinjuku/Haijima Line is a free hot foot bath. Komorebi no Ashiyu is in the middle of a mini-forest so you can also enjoy fresh air with a beautiful view of God’s creation! The place looks best when the cherry trees surrounding the hot baths are in full bloom. Today the plum blossoms catch your attention with its yellowish color glowing in a cloudy backdrop.

 Indeed, it’s a great place to rest and relax and mingle with the local people here. In my past blogs, I wrote about “sento” and OIJs (Only in Japan/Originated in Japan). This is another unique local exposure and experience. So after a long walk or bike ride, it’s soothing to dip in hot water and enjoy the cold wintry air and the wonderful view of the open garden.

It was not in my plan to go for a foot bath today but since it’s along my way home, I just thought to have about 15 minutes break especially I just ate my late lunch. I’m blessed to live near the foot bath that I have taken a lot of my students and friends here. The walk to the place is also therapeutic and it’s considered “forest bathing” as we pass through many tall trees. I will write another blog on the local’s love for shinrin-yoku (森林浴)” — good & free nature healing.

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