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Color: Blue, Black, Green, Pink, Purple

Material: 250gsm copper card paper, double-sided printing with a glossy finish on the surface

Size: 8.8 cm x 5.7 cm (88mm x 57 mm/3.4 inches x 2.2 inches)

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Olives Playing Cards + Japan

Color: Blue, Black, Green, Pink, Purple
Size:  8.8 cm x 5.7 cm (88 mm x 57 mm/ 3.4 inches x 2.2 inches)
Material: 250 gsm copper card paper, double-sided printing with glossy finish on the surface
Weight: 100 grams


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Want to learn the Japanese language & culture?   

*Check our fun & creative learning resources now!
*Choose our durable, functional & attractive original products!
*Conversation starter or Ice-breaker topics on Japanese, English, Math, Social Studies, History, etc.
*Great gifts for family, loved ones, friends & guests!
*Congratulatory presents to students & colleagues!
*Promo school & company giveaways!
*Lasting game prizes!
*A beautiful reminder of your time in Japan!
*Great way to learn culture & language — the OIJs (Origin in Japan/Only in Japan!)
*Enjoy the unique Japanese language & culture through the educational learning games!

  • An original product.   It features 5 attractive color packaging representing the unique Japanese food (red/kurenai), Japanese costumes (blue/ai), Japanese nature (green/matsuba), Japanese sports, games & entertainment (purple/fuji), and the 4 seasons in Japan (pink/sakura). A site link gives detailed information per image that leads you to a deeper understanding of the culture.


  • Japanese style design perfect for learning and teaching the Japanese language, art, sports, and history.  Good learning material for different subjects like English, Japanese, Math, History, Social Studies, and Literature.  Great souvenir from Japan.  A popular gift for family, friends & acquaintances!


  • Design:  Inspired by OIJs (Origin in Japan/Only in Japan) that the creator gathered in her 30+ years as a foreign teacher in Japan.  Her Japanese students researched and presented in class what makes their country unique.  One of the adult students assisted in the completion of this long overdue educational project.  The foreign residents and tourists are fascinated with the very unique Japanese art, language and culture.  Aim to showcase the unique  Japanese culture to the world through Olives Playing Cards + Japan.

  • Fun educational games for all ages and nationalities.  The site links you to 25 suggested games using the 54 cards.

  • 100% Professional Grade. 250gsm copper card paper, double-sided printing with glossy finish on the surface.


  • 1 deck contains 54 playing cards (52 cards and 2 Jokers). 

 Olives Playing Cards+Japan









 *Click the name for detailed info.FoodCostumesNatureSports, Games & Entertainment
1          AOnigiri おにぎりMaiko 舞子Sakura 桜Nimonnoanime 日本のアニメ
2          2Maccha 抹茶Nihongami 日本髪Kiku 菊Janken ジャンケン
3          3Tenpura 天ぷらRandoseru ランドセルShibazakura 芝桜Kendo 剣道
4          4Shakeikuradon 鮭いくら丼Yukata 浴衣Asagao 朝顔 Igo 囲碁
5          5Hinomarugohan 日の丸ご飯 Miko 巫女Fujinohana 藤の花Koma こま
6          6Oden おでんYomeiri 嫁入りTsubaki 椿Origami 折り紙
7          7Shabushabu しゃぶしゃぶMeido メイドKinmokusei 金木犀Bacharugemu バーチャルゲーム
8          8Misoshiru 味噌汁Rorita ロリータTanpopo たんぽぽMochitsuki 餅つき
9          9Soba 蕎麦Furoshiki 風呂敷Momiji 紅葉Otedama おてだま
10          10Onigiri おにぎりGeta 下駄Shiragiku 白菊Gemu ゲーム
11          JKakigori かき氷Wasokomono 和装小物Nihonteien 日本庭園Karate 空手
12          QTaiyaki たい焼きObi 帯Bonsai 盆栽Hinaningyo ひな人形
13          KSushi 寿司Shichigosan 七五三Ikebana 生け花Sumo 相撲
 Joker (2)Pink(Sakura   
  Seasons in Japan   
           1Spring/Haru 春   
           2Summer/Natsu 夏   
           3Autumn/Aki 秋   
          4Winter/Fuyu 冬   

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