Rejoicing with my “host citizenry” the ascension of Naomi Osaka as the World’s number 1 tennis player! With her championship in the Australian Open today, she’s the first Japanese or even the first Asian, male or female, to reach the highest rank in the world of tennis.

My students, young and old, talk about the tournament in Melbourne this first month of 2019. They initiate the talk and I’m so happy to listen to their updates. I think we are all fans of Naomi Osaka!

As our city hosted the Toray Pan Pacific Open right after Naomi won the US Open last year, she became part of our discussions and seems part of our life to monitor wherever she is. Deep in our hears we are chanting, “She came to our city and she became ours!” 

I got the joy & privilege to visit her tourney venue in Tachikawa City since it’s just about 5 minutes away by bike from my schoolhouse. The tickets were fast sold out and so sad I didn’t get the chance to enter the arena. My students and their family got tickets so they saw Naomi up close and personal. Since then, we love Naomi and follow her TV commercials from Nissan to Nissin to beauty products!

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