Coaching apprentices to become specialists!

Facebook Ads Creatives to Management to Marketing plus Website SEO

Who could have thought I’ll be teaching online and even about digital marketing using the world’s biggest platform?! Last night until wee hours today, 2 apprentices of FVA Japan Batch 4 plus a graduate-apprentice of FVA Japan Batch 1 presented their creatives. Together we checked the Canva image and video for Facebook Ads — from typeforms/fonts to colors to sizes of photos to copywrites, etc. Just like my coaching of other apprentices from different batches, it takes hours as we start from the basics. We even link my Facebook Fan Page to existing website to lead more & lasting traffic and this would even monetize both platforms. Extra info and training were given to apprentices like joining Affiliates Programs of big international companies and blogging so they can earn passive income.

Well, the more I train and coach apprentices, the more I’m confident in sharing this new technical expertise. It’s a great joy to grow alongside the apprentices where most of them are seeking job opportunities. With the new normal of working from home due to Covid-19 pandemic, virtual assistance is the most in demand job now especially with the growing e-commerce. You may have noticed many online selling throughout the whole day. The IT and online shopping industries are indeed booming so Facebook Ads Marketing Specialists are sought after. Another extra learning for our apprentices is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) where we aim our website to be on top!

When I was still starting to place FB Ads in April, many of my creatives were rejected and it even took days to be approved. Last month, it was a joy to see the FB Ads of FVA Japan Batch 2 to be approved right away when we clicked “PUBLISH.”

As I train more people, I’m witnessing our FB Ads being reviewed for about an hour then it works fast in reaching hundreds and even thousands of people. The latest completed FB Ad with the current apprentices and another FVA Japan Batch 1 graduate-apprentice, where we promoted my new Online Teaching Course for about 5 days, we reached 16,476 Facebook users with impressions 22,496 that cost us only JP ¥ 1,011 (about Php 500). It reminded me when I used to work as an account executive for the print ads of Manila Chronicle, a national daily in the Philippines. I must visit business establishments to present our newspaper agency proposals so I could win managers to advertise their products or services. It’s a very challenging job plus the travel time and not-so-good work environment.

Learning to ride the waves of the time so no complaints, telework or #workfromhome is far easier and faster compared to my past work experiences. I’m really advocating virtual assistance to keep people safer at the comfort of their home plus quality time with family members! It’s even eco-friendly as the combustions or dirty gases emitted from transports are limited. A lot of savings, too. Many virtual assistants are even earning more than their regular jobs and can even build freelancing business empires!

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