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                                         Global Borderless Classroom. Regardless of Status. Outcome-Based Lessons. 

For newbie online teacher to seasoned webinar educator to school owner!

Problem to solve in 1 month:  How to monetize your online teaching skill?

Key Questions:   7 Ws 1H for OTC

The Who:

Primary Target 

  • Anyone who aims to teach online (any subject!) – Voice Teacher, Musical Instrumentalist, Medical Practitioner, Legal Expert,  Career Teacher, Trainer, etc. 
  • Anyone who plans to start an online teaching  business — online and onsite school or tutorial center
  • Anyone who wants to become a freelance English or any Language Teacher 
  • Anyone who builds online courses 

Secondary Target  

  • Parents/Guardians who support their children, relatives, or  friends’ online learning
  • University students learning online presentations

The What:  

                                      Information Age — Traditional Class.
                                    Experiential Age — Traditional Learning.                                                                           
                               Results Revolution — Digital Generation Now!


This course will let you plan right away your freelance teaching career through creating your portfolios.  With the right mindset and application of the lessons, you are moving towards building your online course and school. 

You will learn the right tools and platforms to create relevant and interactive lessons.  You will discover a wealth of resources,  learn to strategize your presentations, identify your target students and how to reach them.

As a certified Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages  (TESOL) for almost 30 years now,  I will offer a Bonus Lesson on teaching the 4 language skills and the unique Jolly Phonics Learning.  Another Bonus Lesson would help you manage your onsite and online school.

Facts & Figures  

Academy:  24/7 access (renewable per year)

Video: 10+ hours on-demand plus  lesson notes

Audio: 10+ hours on-demand 

Live Coaching Sessions:  2x within 1-month course OTC 

                                              2x within 1-month course OSMC 

Apprenticeship: 2 Months 

Language: English

Skill: All Levels
Access: Mobile devices, iPad, Laptop, PC

Certificates:  Course Completion

Course Description

Learn a virtual assistant skill you can use in working remotely under the new normal! We have been providing online freelancing training since 2016 and has trained over 25,000 students since then.

Train with us today!

Enroll in the Online Teaching Course now…


  • With online certification after course completion
  • Free apprenticeship and hiring opportunities

Millions are shifting to online jobs today. It is the future of work. One gets to earn BIG fast with the right focus and determination. Filipino Virtual Assistance is devoted to YOUR success so we pray this promo will HELP you and your family.

  • You have a Coach guiding all throughout the process!
  • Step by step lessons
  • Complete Curriculum: Set up and #skills training
  • 24/7 online access to lessons
  • Group collaboration
  • Live sessions
  • Recorded sessions
  • Freelancing family
  • Lifetime support
  • One of the lowest freelancing courses in the market with lots of contents
  • No hidden marketing tricks
  • Proven results: 1-2  students are hired daily!
  • Our mission is your success. Our reward is to see you and your family flourish.

We would love for you to join the 25,000+ students and graduates and million of other freelancers around the globe who are now enjoying the perks of freelancing. We are here to equip Filipino families, one Freelancer at a time.



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