There are teachers of various nationalities from Europe, Asia, America, and Africa! You can learn English happily with a lot of accents!

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Dr. Hannah

After traveling to more than 20 countries in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Pacific, he came to Japan in 1992 as an English teacher (24 years). After working as an ALT at a private elementary and junior high school, as well as Japanese companies such as Toshiba and Fujiya, as well as English teachers at YMCA and ECC Junior, he established our school.

Dr. Pla

I have been a teacher at this school for many years. He is very kind and an elementary school teacher as an ALT, so he is a friendly teacher!

Dr. Sarah

I am a female teacher from the United States at Hitotsubashi University graduate school! I’m a multilingual (English, Spanish, Japanese…) teacher!


I’m Dr. Kudji from Zimbabwe. I’ll teach you British English.
After graduating from a prestigious university called Chinhoyi University, I worked as a businessman, but now I am studying at Tokyo Christian University to study Japanese!

Dr. Rain

I have four degrees and am now studying at Asia University! Eiken 1st grade, Japanese language test (N1) 1st grade, is the owner of TOEIC 980 points!

Ms. Yumi

Familiar with Japanese staff (? It is Arai.
I’m a teacher
of exam and regular testing, and I’m trying English and various languages.
If you are interested, please let us know!

Dr. Chuck.

He is an American kind teacher.
And I’m also a musician!

Dr. Matthias

I’m Danish and I’m good at Japanese.
He played the guitar at the Christmas event!

Dr. Andrew.

I’m a Jamaican teacher! I was teaching English in elementary school!

Dr. Ruth.

I’m a Filipino teacher. I have a lot of EXPERIENCE in ALT and now I have an adult class of olives!

There are several other teachers.


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