We want to make a difference anyhow, anywhere and anytime!

The Olives Japanese Language School (OJLS) aims for people to be full partners in international cooperation and communication. Language proficiency and intercultural sensitivity are fundamental preconditions for this endeavor.

The OJLS enables you:

… from a nuanced understanding of the contexts in which you operate

… to express yourself in such a way

… that you can realize your potential to the full

… at the level you aspire to.

We desire that you pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Tests (JLPT) and related exams and enjoy your work and life in Japan!

We put all our expertise at the disposal of our students to enable them to play a leading role at every phase of international cooperation, and at every possible level of language proficiency.  

Our power base is an international team of innovative and professionally trained teachers and JLPT N1 passers. We are constantly developing our language and cultural services. Our international team knows at first hand how it feels to find your feet and present yourself in a different cultural world. Innovative language teachingnew mediaexperienced teachers and articulate native speakers play an important role in keeping the quality of our language teaching and translation services high.


A number of features characterize the way the OJLS works.

  • Passion: We are all passionate about working with language learning. We know our own language and culture, and we are open to the people whom we work with. Our own experiences with learning a language and our insights into intercultural and social interactions inspire our work. We are aware that better international contacts strengthen the social cohesion of a society on the way to being socially sustainable.
  • Purpose: Language proficiency and sensitivity to cultural differences empower people. We encourage people to function optimally in the international and intercultural environment in which they live and work. This can range from simple self-reliance at street level or in a shop, to professional presentation and individual self-expression in a business or at a conference, to publications in leading international media. We listen carefully to what is needed and then, in discussion with the students, we determine the goal and the content of the courses and services we provide.
  • Innovation: We actively apply new knowledge to our field, and we process recent insights into our courses and services. We are constantly open to new ideas that can benefit the people for whom we work. Innovative staff feel at home with us.

QUALITY SERVICES (Ongoing Progress!)

It goes without saying that all that we do has a solid foundation. In our view this means:

  • Quality monitoring : Our vision of language teaching, based on the five pillars of effective language teaching guarantees the quality of our courses.
  • Reliability : In addition to an evaluation afterwards, we also pay a lot of attention to a diagnostic intake in advance and to interim feedback. Personal contact is our guarantee for quality, results and satisfaction.
  • Tailor-made services : We develop courses and services that dovetail with the specific needs of the students, and with the context in which language will be used. Our professionals are specialists in various fields, enabling them to adapt their language training or translation to the student’s context.
  • Cooperation: We will cooperate with experts from our national and international, academic and professional networks.
  • Result-orientated work : While performing our work, we keep a sharp eye on the desired language level and the required competences that have been determined with the students during the intake interview, and provide regular feedback.
  • Professional teamwork : The OJLS provides a one-stop shopping service for our students. This applies to every level, to language training courses and courses in intercultural sensitivity, to tests and assessments, to texts, translations services in every field. Our team of language and culture experts work together.
  • Transparency : Our prices and teaching methods are crystal-clear and understandable for our students.
  • Value for money : We guarantee high quality services at a reasonable price.
Welcome to Japan!
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