LTTC-TESOL Certification Program: Teaching from the heart as a former ALT & Cram School Teacher

Just finished teaching Unit 11 of our 120-hour TESOL Certification Program. One more 2-hour lesson next week for Unit 12 and we’re ready to release Certified TESOL Teachers! ❤As a former Assistant Language Teacher (ALT), I’ve shared tonight my experiences using course books, under dispatch companies, working with Japanese teachers, and teaching more than 1,500 students per month at 2 junior high schools in Tokyo. 🙂

Praying our students will be successful teachers in Japan and anywhere they want to teach. Our TESOL certification training is not just the “franchised learning materials” but hands on experiences in my school (Olives English School オリーブイングリッシュスクール) plus more course inclusions.

Anyone who’d like to be an ALT, English Teacher or English digital nomad with TESOL Certification, join the next batch! Check details here: www.oliveskk.com/tesol

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