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Let's Study English

Hello, I'm Olivia!

Classes for elementary, junior high, senior high and university students. 

We offer private and group lessons from conversation to  exam preparations.

Group Lessons Online

Kids classes can now be booked on this site from 10:30 to 11:30 AM on the second and fourth Wednesdays!  If you plan to participate, send a message to learn@oliveskk.com! 

With our curriculum  “Jolly Phonics,” you can learn English phonetic sounds in a fun & systematic way.  You will have the correct English native pronunciation!   The fee is 1,300 yen per hour for Mom & Child.   Bring your own lunch! Let’s eat while chatting in English with the teacher!
 It’s the same program that was going on with Little Panda.  Group lessons on other days of the week (3 or more children and parents are OK!).  If you are interested, please contact us.

Eiken pass rate what 100%!!

All the students who tried the first Eiken in 2019 passed!  Congratulations to everyone who passed the exam!!!

★Garden Classroom★

There is a space for everyone in the Olives Garden!  Olives Kids English Club use for various purposes, such as going to the garden with the teachers during  lesson time,  naming objects in English while playing, and using it as a conversation space for parents while waiting for their children. Please feel free to drop by! We also grow herbs for anyone to pick and eat! 

Summer vacation is fun learning new ideas!

Hannah Sensei's Vlog

Hannah’s YouTube channel is now available!

Olives Gakudo is ready!

We are accepting applications now.



Olives English School & Gakudo LINE! Keep in touch with us!

Welcome our New Teachers!

New teachers joined Olives English School!

If you see them, greet and talk to them in English!

Jolly Phonics

This curriculum is not yet well known in Japan, but it is a very effective learning system that allows children to learn English sounds and letters in a fun and efficient way!

At Olives English School, trained teachers use Jolly Phonics resources and phonetic system!

Students from kindergarten to university who study at Olives English School excel in their English subject and get high Eiken marks!


6-1-46 Seibu Haijima Line and Tama Monorail Tamagawa-Josui Station South Exit, 6-1-46
Saiwaicho, Tokyo!
The green and brown buildings are both Olive school buildings.


It is our original school bag! It is a sturdy bag with three original Olives characters printed on it. We  also a logo version.


There are a lot of fun events, too!

You’ll have the opportunity to share food; play fun games and get in touch with international people!


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