<Toddlers – High School Students>  In the lesson of 4 times a month (once 60 minutes), I will give you an envelope of 10000
yen per month, so I will leave it to you whether you bring 2500 yen each week or 10000 yen once a month at once!
If it is a group lesson, it will be 8000 yen/month per person. (In order to separate classes according to the level, it is necessary to consult.)

< Admission fee and teaching materials>

Admission fee, 20000 yen (only at the time of enrollment.) It includes the school bag fee with the character or logo printed on it. )

Teaching materials: 12000 yen (text, materials, etc. are included.) )

About absentees

If you are absent, please contact us one hour in advance. If you contact us five minutes ago, the tuition fee will not be carried over.

Discount system

A 3% discount is applied for payments for three months, 5% for payments for six months, and 7% discount for payments for one year at a time.


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