Stop Piracy!

Piracy and Copyright Infringement

Piracy comes in many forms, but is broadly defined as the illegal duplication, use, sale, or distribution of copyrighted articles.

Duplicating articles of Olives Japanese Language School (OJLS) without a license to do so is not permitted.

Piracy, including violation of the license agreement, is copyright infringement and may be punished under both civil and criminal law in the United States and internationally.

Common Types of Piracy


Counterfeiting is the duplication and sale of articles with the intent to pass off the illegal copy as a legitimate course produced by OJLS. Because the school owns the rights to the articles and graphics, the reproduction is independent and additional infringement of copyright and other intellectual property rights of the school.


Unbundling violates the license and constitutes copyright infringement.


It is copyright infringement to duplicate and distribute any OJLS courses, even if there is no attempt to pass off the articles as a legitimate course by OJLS. End users are not authorized by OJLS to copy the courses for anyone else—be it a friend, relative, coworker, or internet acquaintance.


Courses downloaded from OJLS websites—www.japanese-oliveskk.com and learn.japanese-oliveskk.com—are activated by inputting a unique ID number OJLS gives to each student. A key-gen or key generator is an application that creates fake, yet still valid, Student ID Number.

Activating Student ID Number is unlawful. OJLS blacklists key-gen Student ID numbers and people using blacklisted numbers are not entitled to certificates or support.


OJLS courses may be transferred by end users only under very limited circumstances set forth in the agreement. Partner language schools may only use the courses with binding agreements.

To report suspected piracy, send a message to learn@oliveskk.com

All reports are kept confidential.


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