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 1.  What is ToktokFood?               
          Toktokfood is the newest food ordering platform developed by Cloud Panda that links customers, restaurant partners, and delivery partners.

2.  How do partners manage the orders?
          As our partner, you will be given unique access to your dashboard. This is where you can oversee your business, manage your products, and monitor your sales.

3.   Will there be a training for newly onboard merchants?
          Yes, all new merchants will undergo an online dashboard training conducted by Toktokfood.

4.   Can a customer cancel an order?
           Yes. Customers can cancel their order/s as long as it is still under the PLACED ORDER status. However, once a rider has accepted the order and the food is already being prepared by the merchant, cancellation is no longer allowed. There is also no option to cancel if the selected merchant is auto accepting orders.

5.   What types of food are available at ToktokFood?
         Toktokfood serves a variety of food choices such as freshly cooked hot meals, snacks, desserts, and beverages that are sure to satisfy your cravings any time, any day.

6.   How do partners be notified when an order has been made?
         Merchant App and  Dashboard notification.

7.   Who manages the products and pricing tables?
          Our partners have full control over the maintenance of the product and pricing, but will still be subject to approval by Toktokfood.

8.   What are the delivery options?

          Orders will be booked through Toktok, our own delivery service. Customers can also select the self-pick-up option.        

9.   How do customers pay for their orders?
          Customers can cash in and pay using their Toktokwallet, or via COD.

10.   How do ToktokFood pay for its partners and when?

          Toktokfood will remit payment to merchant partners when an order has been fulfilled. For MON to WED transactions, remittances are scheduled on FRIDAY, THU to SUN, the remittance will be on WEDNESDAY of the following week. 

11.  How does ToktokFood handle multiple branches including inventory count?

          For merchants with multiple branches, registration will be per branch. Each branch has access to its own inventory so that they can monitor and update when needed.

12.   What is ToktokFood’s delivery fee?

          P39 for the first kilometer and an additional P7 per succeeding km.

13. What is the process to update the menu and pricing from the merchant app?

          For release 1 of the app, you may modify your prices via the merchant dashboard using the Toktokfood website. Once release 2 of the app is available, all information can be changed using the merchant app and on the website.

14.  How long does the app reflect changes such as schedule, sold-out items, etc?

          Changes such as schedule and sold-out items shall be reflected upon approval.

15.  When should a merchant start preparing the food ordered via ToktokFood?

          Once a Toktok rider has been booked, the merchant should start preparing the food.

16.   What should a merchant do if we cannot complete the order due to insufficient stocks/items has been sold out?

          You may just decline the order, and immediately update your inventory on the platform to avoid complaints from the customers.

17.  What are the available options for the merchant when ti comes to the schedule of operations?

          Merchant can set their regular hours, special hours (for holidays/ special events), and merchant can pause their operations for 30 mins/ 1 hr/ 3hrs.

18.  What if a merchant cannot view and accept incoming orders in the dashboard?

          Check your internet connection or try refreshing the page. If still unresolved, you may call our hotline so we can address and fix any issues.

19.  What are the requirements to become a merchant partner of ToktokFood?   

          – Business Permit / BIR 2303

          – DTI Certificate of Registration

          – BDO Account

          – Valid ID of signatory

          – Signed MOA

          – List of Products with Photos and Pricing

          – Store photo

          – Internet Connection/ Sim card with data plan for the device


How to book a Toktok Rider/Driver?

          Just click this link:  https://toktok.ph/delivery/PPS12687450

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