Glad to be a part of this e-commerce team! ❤ As of today (23 November 2021), I have Toktok Riders & Drivers representing 33 families & clans around the Philippines. This is my simple way to help our countrymen during this pandemic even I’m living overseas. After two months of hustling in between my already hectic schedule, I’ve reached 10 % of my goal. Still aiming to employ 300 delivery service couriers so you can introduce your friends and contacts in the Philippines looking for this kind of job. 🙏

🥳 Congratulations to our Founders 💝
👍Legit & tested company for Filipinos around the world. 🤩

The Secretary of the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI-Philippines) Ramon Lopez expressed his congratulatory greetings and acknowledged the effort of JC as a whole team as we manage to stay afloat during the global crisis. His words are truly motivational and inspirational for us to continue creating more opportunities for our countrymen.

Be a part of this endeavor. 🥰. Send a PM if you’d like to join this project: learn@oliveskk.com

Toktok Delivery  https://toktok.ph/delivery/PPS12687450

Download Toktok App     App Store: https://apple.co/2MYfLdq     Google Play: https://bit.ly/38iH0qG                Enter Referral Code: PPS12687450


RATED KORINA x JC Premiere Founders x TokTok Business

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