Deep respect to the man of the hour! He just won the Welterweight World Championship Belt at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas! I followed his career so I watched most of his fights. His rags to riches life story is very inspirational.

Ten years ago, I cannot forget the time I was in the church evening service in Tokyo. An African church leader talked to me that he was late to church as he watched his match. I was surprised that he knows the Filipino boxer and even mentioned that he is a big fan. It’s amazing how my countryman-boxer crosses borders and he has a lot of foreign fans around the world. It is not surprising he is part or even the very reason for the special gathering of the global Filipinos wherever they are!

Manny, a boxer-turned-politician, makes his presence felt in the Filipino Diaspora every time he has a match. His victories make the overseas Filipinos proud of their Philippine roots. With the recent victory of Miss Philippines to the 2 prestigious international beauty contests, Miss Universe and Miss Tourism World Intercontinental, Manny as the Philippine Pride time and again lifted the Filipino flag even now that he reached 40 years old.

Last year, I was so impressed when he was invited by the University of Oxford to deliver a speech. As I mentioned in my blog yesterday, I use Oxford books on all levels of my classes. Whenever Manny Pacquiao is interviewed by the media, he is ridiculed of his accent and the delivery of his speeches. But now, he is invited to speak at one of the world’s top universities!

Watch Senator Manny Pacquiao at the Oxford Union last year: https://youtu.be/fHAENs07WCg

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